Analyse & Assess

Prior to embarking on either a reconfiguration of an existing installation or a deployment of a completely new installation, we can first analyse and assess your current business platform and communications environment to provide a solid understanding of what we are dealing with.


Considering Migrating to G Suite?

We will assess your current environment, and then brief you on the results and conclusions, during which time we will also present you with an impact and change management proposal. We will help you determine the best course of action with the lowest impact on your staff productivity.

Optimise Your G Suite Environment?

Following our own well-tested assessment methodology, your existing environment will be analysed and you will be presented with a set of detailed reports and conclusions. We will recommend your best course of action and the potential impact thereof on your environment. Think of it as your annual health check to ensure your G Suite environment is being used optimally.


Is Your G Suite Configured Correctly?

Did you do a DIY job of implementing G Suite in your environment? Or maybe you paid a service provider but you felt that they may not have been 100% up to the task? We perform independent environment assessments and provide you with a full set of reports. You can use these reports to take your service provider to task, or alternatively engage with us directly to help you remedy the situation.

Can you risk leaving your G Suite environment up to anyone else?