Monitor & Maintain

Newly implemented services always run optimally just after the initial deployment. After that, life (or should that be business) happens, and those optimally running services become less so very quickly.

Like a car or any other vehicle, to retain a flawlessly functioning G Suite working environment requires ongoing attention in the form of monitoring and maintenance.


Let Us Do It For You

Through active monitoring, measuring of key performance indicators, and reporting on those key indicators, we can ensure that your use of G Suite remains optimal and secure.

We can provide daily, weekly or monthly reports on critical aspects like staff usage of your mailing services, cloud storage consumption, document sharing statistics, and permissions violations, to mention but a few.

A custom, comprehensive list of requirements is built on a per customer basis and then executed accordingly.


Let Us Assist Your Service Provider

Your existing service provider probably does not have either the skillset or the tools to service your G Suite environment.

We can work with them wherein they can continue to maintain your day-to-day infrastructure operations and we will compliment that with our extensive monitoring and reporting services to help provide you with the ultimate overall insight and control over your G Suite environment.

Can you risk leaving your G Suite environment up to anyone else?