Why Move To Google G Suite?

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Google’s G Suite has evolved in leaps and bounds over the last number of years. Finding its foundation in the free, publicly available, evergreen Gmail it has grown into the leading cloud-based business application suite of recent times.

G Suite was born in the cloud and evolved in the cloud. It never had to go through a transition period from being a PC-based application stack that happens to have received a cloud-enablement makeover just because that’s what the market dictated. And this is a huge benefit as at its core it has already been designed and optimised to play friendly in conditions which are fundamentally different to the traditional PC-based environments.
It also benefitted hugely from having the free Gmail (which itself happened to be in a beta format for many years) as its incubator, to help Google iron out the kinks and bed down the platform before actually bringing its business solution to market with a bang. Very clever strategy Google! Nothing like getting millions of people to beta test your applications for you to get them rock solid.

So, keeping the aforementioned in mind, we already know now that working with G Suite gives you an extremely stable, extremely reliable, very user-friendly native cloud business platform, but perhaps you may still not be completely convinced of why you should make the move to G Suite as your office application suite of choice.
Let’s look at a couple of additional motivations that you as a business owner and user should consider when making this big decision:

Ease of Use

As we have already said – G Suite was born from Gmail and most people are already very familiar with the Gmail interface as there are millions of daily users of the public Gmail service. This familiarity translates into a very low learning curve and high levels of acceptance when migrating your staff to G Suite.
Google has always maintained the design principle of “keep it simple stupid”, so their application interfaces are clean and uncluttered, further contributing to ease of use.
Lastly, Google has made it very easy to move from constructing an email, to checking a calendar, to working in a spreadsheet, as all G Suite applications are tightly integrated and intuitively flows from a single interface.

Full Suite of Applications

As has already been alluded to a number of times in the preceding text about G Suite, it not only consists of an email application. It offers a full set of office applications and some more.
From an email client, to a word processor, to a spreadsheet and presentation editor, to social media pages for you and your company, to video calls and group presentations, to company websites and group mailboxes, to online storage, company and personal calendars and contact management. The list just keeps going on and on getting more comprehensive by the day without any additional cost to you.

Cost Effective

And that brings us on to the subject of cost. Just how much does all this stability and features actually cost me?
Well to fully answer that question we must first set a yardstick to measure it against. That yardstick will be your typical local office PC and server installation and the associated costs. Purchasing and maintaining your own servers is a very costly exercise. Not only do you have to budget especially for those huge capital purchases, but upgrades and breakdowns always hit you at the least opportune of times. Every time you employ a new staff member you have to first factor in what the impact is going to be on your servers, nevermind the number of additional software licenses you have to purchase in order to stay legal.
Using G Suite, however, makes all this go away. There are no capital purchases, no breakdown costs; just an easy, predictable and cost-effective one-time monthly or annual fee that you have to pay per user whenever it becomes necessary.
G Suite also offers you different cost and feature packages to help you choose an option that best fits both your budget and your requirements. At the time of this writing, it will cost you a flat fee of anything between $5-10 per individual user account per month depending on which package you select. This is a very small drop in a large bucket compared to traditional PC and server costs.

Always Available

One of the major benefits behind the tremendous uptake of cloud-based services is its always-availability. People have become so used to it in their everyday lives, that it has become almost unfathomable if your business cannot deliver these same services to your staff on a 24/7 basis.
Not only that, but your business is actually losing out on productive time that your staff could have spent working on a presentation or answering emails whilst they are away from your offices.
All of this could translate into lost opportunities and lost revenue, all because your business platform is outdated and difficult to access.

Device Independence

With always-availability of information and the advent of smartphones and tablets, we no longer want to be bound to only one device to consume our electronic content. Whether that content is an email, a spreadsheet, a company presentation or a product demonstration, G Suite is pervasive and accessible across all of your devices and screen sizes. Content is synchronised seamlessly as you migrate from device to device, enabling you to continue working on what you were busy with before, without any interruptions or stoppages.
You will no longer have to worry about losing information stored on a device either. If it should break or get stolen, just log in with another device and continue to enjoy access to all of your content.

Social Friendly

Whether as a company you approve of social media use during work hours or not is a debate that has already been fought and lost. Social media interaction and integration has become as important for the business as it has for the individual. Rather than fight against it, you have to find innovative ways to work with it. G Suite not only allows you to very easily integrate into existing social media services but also provides you with a groundbreaking alternative through its Google+ social platform. You can create your own company and brand pages, and host video meetings and presentations through Google Hangouts. All at no extra cost to you. Access to all of these services can be fully managed through the Google Administrator console putting you in control of how you want social media to benefit your business.


It would not matter one bit if you had all of the preceding benefits and it was running on an unstable platform with lots of downtime and unreliable access. Robustness of your cloud services is an absolute must.
Google has one of the biggest and most widespread IT infrastructures in the world. They are currently working on a 99.9% uptime guarantee, which translates into potentially only a couple of minutes of downtime during any full calendar month.
Even though the guarantee is for 99.9%, they are averaging closer to 99.99% uptime and you are getting the immediate benefit thereof. If you managed your own infrastructure and you wanted your business to provide the same level of uptime you would have to make a very sizable contribution to your IT budget to be able to compare.


G Suite grows with your business, not the other way round as is most often the case when you have to invest in your own IT infrastructure. You only pay for your immediate requirements at any particular point in time. There is no need to overbudget or buy additional resources “just in case you may need it”.
When employing new personnel you simply increase your user license count – that’s it!
When you have to downscale on staff you simply decrease your user license count – again that’s it!
The best news, however, is that when you require more resources than you currently have, you can get access to it immediately. No waiting for new hardware to arrive, or huge capital budgets to approve. Just request an increase in your current capacity and it’s done.
And because G Suite consists of a full stack of office applications and storage all covered by one license, all your increased needs are covered by making that single license change.

System Integration

As more and more business services are migrating and becoming available as cloud applications, it is important to be able to integrate with them as easily as possible in order to share data and functionality. Thanks to its userbase’ sheer size, G Suite is one of the very first services that other companies create integration to, and ensure easy data exchange with. It has a full set of well-documented APIs to allow for such level of integration. This gives you the peace of mind that you are not investing in a black box where your business data and operations will get stuck without any access to it, or way out of it.

G Suite is delivering value to millions of businesses, big or small, and it is here to stay. It has the leg up on all of its competitors and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.
With all of its evident benefits, it’s no longer really a question of whether you should move but rather when is the best time to move.

GooPERTS is a certified Google G Suite Partner and a G Suite expert. If you are thinking of moving your business solutions to the cloud, feel free to contact us for advice and assistance in doing so.


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