Why Use a G Suite Reseller?

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One of the motivations for moving to Google G Suite is its ease of use. Setting up a new, very basic Google G Suite domain can definitely be completed successfully by a person with relatively little IT experience but lots of patience and good reading skills (yes, you are going to have to read lots and lots of different articles published on the web together with a fair amount of additional research depending on your current IT skill level) – in other words, be prepared to sacrifice nights and weekends in getting your basic environment up and working.

The problem is, configuring just a basic installation is in most cases not sufficient to also ensure that you get the maximum benefit and usability from your new cloud infrastructure (even for very small businesses). As with any IT infrastructure, be it in the cloud or in your local office, these semi-configured installations can create security risks, loss of functionality and negativity amongst your personnel when using it.

And this is where your G Suite Reseller steps in and saves the day…

As a Google G Suite Partner/Reseller, you have to successfully complete a full certification programme for Google’s G Suite product sets. This enables the Partner to plan, build, implement, and maintain G Suite using best practice methodologies as prescribed by Google. It also provides you as the customer with an immediate contact point should you experience any problems with your G Suite platform.

The long and short of it for you as a customer is: Money spent on using a skilled G Suite Partner will add up to a fraction of the money saved by attempting to do it yourself.

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider working with a G Suite Partner (alternatively you can also use these as a quick checklist to evaluate if the potential G Suite Partner you intend to work with is worth their salt):



Google G Suite Partners have to go through a number of stringent certification tests before they can qualify as a Partner. This knowledge and experience can be leveraged by you as a customer to help you make a success of your move to G Suite.
G Suite Partners will know things about the Platform that you will without a doubt miss if you try and fly solo.


Best Practices

Your G Suite Partner has already devised a set of best practices in configuring, optimising and maintaining G Suite. These best practices ensure a successful implementation and correct configuration. You gain the immediate benefits without trying to figure things out for yourself through trial and error.


G Suite Partners have already worked on many different types of implementation projects and learnt many lessons whilst doing so. They can impart this knowledge with you and spare you many hours of unnecessary pain and hair pulling.

Short Implementation Time

G Suite Partners’ expertise and best practise methodologies will cut down your total implementation time to a fraction of what it would take you to “figure it out as you go”. This translates into a direct saving for you through increased productivity by your staff and a much higher level of acceptance of the change that is taking place. Disruptions should be kept to a minimum and not negatively impact your business just because you decided to make a move to a superior Business Platform.



G Suite Partners usually have various additional partnerships in place with leading product and service vendors to provide value-add products built on top of, and integrated with, G Suite. The G Suite Partners would already have done all the research and hard work for you in figuring out which of these vendors are the best in their segments, and you can gain immediate benefit from these relationships. As a customer, you only have to worry about dealing with and paying a single entity, the G Suite Partner, who then provides a one-stop Google G Suite experience to you.


G Suite Partners should not just be there during the good times whilst your Platform is operating optimally but also when things start going wrong. Partners are able to quickly pinpoint the root cause of a problem and help you move past it in the shortest space of time.

Systems Integration

If you still have legacy systems in place that you just cannot get away from, G Suite Partners can help you devise integration paths to and from these systems into G Suite and its applications stack. This will provide a seamless extension of resources between your old and new environments, and afford you time to decide the best route forward for your business.

Local Currency

You pay your monthly or annual G Suite user fees in your local currency directly to your G Suite Partner instead of having to worry about exchange rate fluctuations and extremely high international credit card charges. This not only makes it much easier to pay but also saves you a bundle in the long run.

So as you can see, there is a very clear business case to partner with a Google G Suite Reseller rather than trying to wing it on your own. Not only will it save you money but buy you peace of mind and support to boot.

GooPERTS is a certified Google G Suite Partner and a G Suite expert. If you are thinking of moving your business solutions to the cloud, feel free to contact us for advice and assistance in doing so.


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